Attention Agency.

Through strategic partnerships and a deep understanding of today’s ever-changing media landscape, EightPM helps brands capture audience attention with authentic product integrations in streamable TV and film content. By tapping into our global network, we seamlessly blend our brand partners into narratives that resonate across diverse cultures, ensuring they achieve memorable visibility and genuine engagement in the digital storytelling spaces that matter most.

Team. Legends.

Grant Regillo

VP of Growth

Linda Chau


Jordan Coff

Director Of Client Success

Lily Cross

Production Relationship Manager

shaun Bostic

Account Executive

Kaine Webber

Account Manager

Liam Doherty

Production Integration Coordinator

Holly Harris

Production Relationship Manager

Travis Peters


Hila Assifi-Diaz

Production Relationship Manager

Josh Young

VP Agency Experience

Max Ginkel

Production Relationship Manager

Rachel McClard

Account Manager

Johnny Blewett

Account Executive

Danielle Whittington

Finance Administrator