Let’s build a future.


Work with your favorite brands, movies, & TV shows.

Competitive benefits.

Dive into a benefits package that’s as standout as our team. From health to wealth, we’ve got you covered with perks that go the extra mile for your well-being and future.

Competitive salary

We benchmark regularly to ensure our salaries lead the market. We aim to pay at the top end of the scale for our business size + your skills & experience.

unlimited TIme OFF

Our approach to time off mirrors our culture of freedom and responsibility. Our industry demands a dynamic schedule, so we skip the traditional time-off playbook, empowering you with the flexibility to manage your own time, while meeting our business goals.

Health benefits

Our health benefits are tailored by hiring region, ranging from wellness allowances to comprehensive health insurance, ensuring you’re supported wherever you live & work.

Retirement benefits

Retirement benefits are personalized, and aim to meet or exceed standard offerings by hiring region, to ensure your future is secure and bright, no matter where you’re based.

annual gathering

Once a year, we get our global team together for our annual “not-so-holiday, holiday party” (NOSOHO). This isn’t your traditional team-building trip, no trust falls or awkward ice-breakers here. NOSOHO is about genuine connections, memorable experiences, and celebrating our unique culture in some of the coolest spots around the globe.


Once in a while, our stash of iconic props from TV and film sets fills up, and that’s when we throw our exclusive Prop Drop event. It’s all about fun and games as we re-home these recycled pieces of entertainment history with our team members.